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CheeReaders was created by Hannah McRae Young in 2009 to inspire young children to start reading. Young’s goal for the CheeReaders service programwas to encourage reading and motivate high school students to volunteer and read to younger members of the community.

The program encourages squads to commit to being a consistent part of young kids’ lives by reading to them as part of a CheeReaders program.

Hannah and her sisters, Marlee and Kilby when they cheered for Cheer Extreme.
Hannah and her sisters, Marlee
and Kilby when they cheered
for Cheer Extreme.

CheeReaders is free for all schools involved and requires no more than 30 minutes of a cheerleader or teams’ time. When cheerleaders partner up with an individual child and read with them on a one-on-one basis, the two are able to form a special bond. For cheerleaders, this program offers service hours as well as the knowledge that they have made a difference in a child’s life.

Find out more about Hannah
When Hannah was a little girl, she either had her nose in a book or was in a gym tumbling. Her background in gymnastics, competitive cheerleading and middle school cheerleading paved the way for her to join the high school cheerleading squad at East Forsyth High School in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Although Hannah was cheering or tumbling most days, she still found time to read. She had access to plenty of books since her mother was a children’s book reviewer. In 2008, Hannah got the opportunity to assist her mother in writing the column, “Young Reading with Monica & Hannah Young.”

As a freshman in high school, Hannah was looking to start a service project that was both meaningful and interested her. With so many bookspiling up at her home, Hannah decided to combine her two passions, and CheeReaders was born.
CheeReaders can be work with a group of young children or one-on-one cheerleader and child basis. Curious elementary students are what make the experience fun. One time, Hannah was put on the spot and had to do a cheer for an entire class. Luckily, she quickly modified the chant “Pick It Up” to “Read It Up” and everyone loved it!

When Hannah entered her college years, she realized she no longer had the time to maintain and grow the program, so it is now a Varsity Spirit program.

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