Reading to kids “stimulates the development of the brain, language and a closer emotional relationship with a child,” say’s the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Having trouble deciding what books to read to your children this month? Try to pick book’s that are in conjunction with what is going on. Like this month is October and almost every kid knows what holiday is in October… HALLOWEEN! To most kids Halloween means three things; costumes, candy and scary movies. So why not celebrate the month by reading Halloween books?

If you or your cheer squad is planning a visit to an Elementary school in October, here are some Halloween books we suggest reading:

  • Mommy by Maurice Sendak
  • Thirteen Nights of Halloween by Lisa Silverman
  • Halloween Night by Arden Druce
  • Big Pumpkin by Ericka Silverman
  • Five Little Pumpkins by Iris Van Rynbach

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