National Reading Month

Did you know March is not only National Cheerleading Safety Month, it is also National Reading Month?

National Reading Month officially starts on March 2nd in honor of Dr. Seuss birthday.  Dr. Seuss is the most recognized children’s author. He wrote 46 children’s books, many of which have made the best sellers list.

During the month of March, CheeReader’s wants you to pick up a book and read! Reading can do many great things for children. For example, Barbara Freedman-De Vito, who wrote If You’d Like to Know Why Reading Matters, says it can, “help children develop vital language skills, open up new worlds, enrich children’s lives, enhance children’s social skills, and can improve hand-eye coordination.”

Besides picking up a book and reading this month, we also want you to set a goal to visit your local elementary school and read to a group of children. If you can’t do that, find an after school program and read to those children. If you have a younger brother or sister, read to them too.  Every little bit helps!

Check back tomorrow to learn some interesting facts about Dr. Seuss!

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